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Isabell Schulte

How would you describe your artistic practice and your experience as an artist in Berlin?

The aspect of temporality is important in my work, both in content and in the production process. Since 2018 I have been working on a series of large format pencil drawings. To make one drawing I work over a period of three months on the floor. I am interested in parallel processes and rhythms that grow across the paper in small structures. My experiences as an artist living in Berlin have been very positive. There is this lively, exciting art scene, with many great artists and interesting exhibitions.

In what ways does your studio / place of work influence the way you work? 

The last five years I lived in Berlin but also, because of residencies, in smaller cities of the countryside in Germany. I really liked the quiet studios surrounded by nature. I currently have a studio in a villa next to the Spree in Schöneweide. I love the bike path to the studio through Treptower Park and Plänterwald. From my window I look at the Spree. I like to experience the different speeds in nature and the city. That inspires me a lot for my work.

What does it mean for you to exhibit at SPOILER and how do you relate to it as an exhibition space?

It‘s a stroke of luck that the Berlin Art Prize brought me together with the Spoiler Aktionsraum. Because the wall situation of the spoiler was not suitable for my work, we developed a wall construction that leads through the middle of the space. The walls are connected with arches that take up an architectural element of the space. The installation is like a parcour through which you can walk like in a slalom. It‘s a whole new way of presenting. Without these space I would not have come to this installation. It was a very important and great experience for me.

Photo Credits: Eric Tschernow, courtesy the artist.

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