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Hana Yoo

How would you describe your artistic practice and your experience as an artist in Berlin?

My artistic practice is research-based film/video, and multimedia installation. I spend most of time researching, writing and reaching out to experts to get inspired. Berlin never got me bored - and almost allows me to enjoy being a precariat.

In what ways does your studio / place of work influence the way you work? 

My studio is in Reinickendorf, and for me it is a very interesting area with a lot to discover with. So in that way I am indirectly influenced, also with other artists who are working there in the building.

What does it mean for you to exhibit at ACUD Gallery and how do you relate to it as an exhibition space?

For me ACUD Gallery is an open-spirit, non-fancy project space that I really love. Working there you meet many interesting people who work in theater, cinema, club, literature and so on...which allows you to get more inspired. I also did a small show and performance at ACUD MACHT NEU when I was a student: so I feel very comfortable and welcomed to work there again.

Photos: 1. Byeonggon Shin 2. Hana Yoo, courtesy the artist.

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